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Creating the future of manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing

We're building a modular, fully autonomous smart factory for manufacturing.

Our core technology transfers many of the principles and systems from our experience designing autonomous vehicles to the factory floor. Our solutions are flexible enough to help both high-volume manufacturers reduce costs, time, and complexity, and to help smaller companies achieve economies of scale without the excessive costs and complexity of current options.

We have done this before

Industrial Next was founded in 2021 by industry veterans who have successfully deployed many of our core technologies at Tesla, GM, Ford, Waymo, Momenta, and other advanced manufacturers. Having seen the efficacy of ad-hoc solutions, they were motivated to bring more sophisticated versions to market with this new venture.

Our team is a broad, interdisciplinary, and dynamic group. We are committed to creating new systems to assist a broad range of industry participants - including automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, 3C companies, and eVTOL manufacturers - as well as companies of any size that have multiple complex products, parts, or rapid product iterations.


Industrial Next has created technologies for intelligent and adaptive manufacturing automation. Starting with smarter vision solutions, we are developing integrated hardware and software that work together seamlessly and intuitively to accomplish a variety of manufacturing tasks. Our goal is to deliver systems that enable truly autonomous factories and help usher in a new era of software-defined, flexible manufacturing.

Tier-1 Supplier

Automotive OEM

Consumer Electronics

Rapid Retooling and Product Changeovers

Autonomous Factory Vehicles

Reimagined Workstations with Collaborative Robotics

Material Flow & Logistics

Our Approach

We apply the self-driving car framework, specifically the visual data collection and dynamic decision-making, across all aspects of manufacturing to bring run-time dynamic adjustment capabilities to every robot cell. We thus bridge the gap between product development and manufacturing engineering.

For manufacturers with existing production lines

  • Production efficiency improvement:
    One-time Hardware + Software Subscription

    • Single node upgrade: Upgrade the manufacturing station of EV, 3C, and others, to provide run-time quality inspection and dynamic negative feedback adjustment capabilities
    • Line upgrade: Optimize the design of the production line, improving takt time and product throughput
    • Zone upgrade: Solve production challenges though systematic and comprehensive analysis rather than one-off or ad-hoc, single-station solutions
  • R&D and Manufacturing Optimization:
    Manufacturing as a Service

    • Closed-loop data analytics & acquisition from our digital twin (CAD/CAE) and the real world (our Cyber series of products), providing manufacturing process, product iteration, and engineering development solutions through better analysis, planning, and our advanced problem-solving capabilities.
    • Six-dimensional optimizations: 5M (Manual, Machine, Material, Method, Measure) + 1E (Environment) through our CyberSense AI system. We uncover redundancies between similar stations and consolidate these for both production optimization, line size reductions, and more rapid iteration and upgrade paths.

For companies without production lines

  • From 0 to 1

    • Deliver a complete, modular, and autonomous production line that is highly flexible, configurable, and software-driven
    • Industrial Next Unified Manufacturing Operating System (UMOS)
    • Provide hardware and software for line-side manufacturing control and systemic optimization
  • Production line simulation

    • Cooperate with OEMs from conceptual design and testing through to deployment